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Sleep White Noise Machine

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  • 21 soothing sounds
  • Warm night light
  • Portable & powerful battery
  • USB-C simple charging
  • Auto-off timer of 30, 60, 90 mins
  • Adjustable volume
  • Effectively mask noise


3.79×3.79×1.53 inches;0.46 lbs

What's in the box

1*Pursay white noise machine
1*Type-C charging cable
1*User manual

How Pursay Sound Machine Take Care of Your Baby?

Feeling annoyed by sounds that affect your baby's sleep?

Pursay white noise machine adopts 5 white noise sounds that match the frequency levels of the human voice and industrial noises. It can effectively block outside noise to keep the baby sleeping soundly and put you at ease. Switch on white noise sounds, and start enjoying your personal leisure time now!

Occupied with work and unable to accompany your baby?

Many of us work long hours, meaning we often don't spend enough time enjoying family time. From now on, Pursay white noise machine will accompany you and take good care of your baby. Turn on the lullaby, warm and comforting atmosphere will soothe the baby and lull your little one to sleep.

Feeling Stressed and Tired?

Pursay white noise machine mainly features meditation sound. Whether you're at work or home, take a deep breath, turn on the meditation sound, trying to move from the darkness into the light. When you start meditation, you are connecting with your inner mind, the hard part is over, just enjoy yourself!

Trouble falling asleep?

A relaxing sleep environment is crucial for maintaining a healthy bedtime routine. Pursay white noise machine offers 21 selectable soothing sounds and adjustable night light. Choose your bedtime sound and turn on the night light, wind down before sleep, then turn on your preferred sound to fall asleep with your family or pets.

Frequently Asked questions

Does this white noise machine have to be plugged in to work?

Our white noise machine has two supply modes: Rechargeable battery or USB plug-In, you can choose whatever you like.
The combination of the strong battery life and USB-C simple charging makes the white noise machine more convenient and portable, charge it anytime & anywhere, then enjoy at least 30 hours of tranquility.

How long does it white noise machine play a sound before changing to the next sound?

Pursay white noise machine has 21 soothing sounds -- 5 white noise, 5 fan sounds, and 11 natural sounds.
If you select a sound you like, it will play until the battery runs out, without automatically skipping the sound.

Is this sound machine for little babies and adults?

This Sound machine with Brahm's lullaby, shushing, heartbeat and other soft sound sources provides a comfortable sleeping environment for babies.
Meanwhile, for adults, relaxing mentally and emotionally is essential for both efficient study & work. Pursay is committed to integrating mindfulness, meditation, or yoga into people's daily life.

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